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Incident Reporting Protocol

On-Campus Incident

If your complaint/concern is related to an on-campus incident, contact the Howard University Department of Public Safety (HU-DPS) at (202) 806–1100.


Off-Campus Crime Related Incident

If a crime related incident occurs off campus, contact the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) at 911.

  • MPD will contact HU-DPS to request back-up assistance, if available.
  • MPD will coordinate with HU-DPS to share information.
  • HU-DPS will document information to share with the Office of Off-Campus Housing and Community Engagement (OCHCE).


Off-Campus Non-Immediate Response Incident

Options for filing a complaint are:

  1. During business hours, contact the OCHCE at (202) 806–9216.
  2. Complete online Community Concern Form. To complete the form, please email:
  3. Leave voicemail message and information on the Community Concern Line at (202) 806- 9213. Please provide the date, time, location and specific nature of the incident. If possible, include the name(s) of the student(s) or how the individuals are identified as Howard students. Please remember to provide your follow up contact information.


Follow-Up Protocol

Investigation Process: Reporting party will be acknowledged within 24 hours (1 business day).

Response Conclusion: Letter will be sent to student(s) identified in the Community Concern Form. Student will be required to meet with OCHCE within 3-5 business days.

Facts of Incident: Follow-up feedback will be provided to the reporting party to inform him/her that appropriate University actions have been taken. Any specific disciplinary actions taken against a student will not be shared due to the HU privacy disclosure policy.

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