Student Government

Exemplars of Servant Leadership

The Howard University Student Association (HUSA) is more than just the student government on Howard's campus. HUSA is the eyes, ears and voice for the Student Body. Since it was established in 1961, HUSA has aimed to become a mechanism for effective change on Howard's campus.

Functioning as a rallying point for activists and academics alike, HUSA's purpose is to provide input into the University's decision-making process; to act as a spokesperson for the students; and to maintain communications concerning students' interests and concerns in all of the university's schools and colleges.

HUSA includes within its domain:

  • The entire student body
  • A legislative branch known as the HUSA Senate which consists of representatives from all undergraduate and graduate schools and colleges
  • Two programming bodies: the Undergraduate Student Assembly (UGSA) and the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA)
  • A judicial branch known as the Policy Board which interprets the HUSA constitution
  • The executive branch, which includes the HUSA President and Vice President and their staff.

For decades, HUSA has shaped, formed, and influenced the direction of Howard University...and the work continues. HUSA has many ways for you to become involved, including volunteering and becoming a member of the executive staff.

Office of Campus Life


Monday - Friday | 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM


Student/School Councils

Each university school and college has its own student council to address the needs and concerns of students. These councils interact with each other and with HUSA to solve specific problems within each school as well as university-wide issues.

  • College of Arts and Sciences Student Council
  • School of Business Student Council
  • School of Communications Student Council
  • School of Dentistry Student Council
  • School of Divinity Student Council
  • School of Education Student Council
  • College of Engineering, Architecture, and Computer Science Student Assembly
  • Graduate Business School Student Council
  • College of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences Student Council
  • School of Pharmacy Student Council
  • Graduate Student Council
  • College of Medicine Student Council
  • Social Work Student Government Association
  • Student BAR Association

Undergraduate Student Assembly

The Undergraduate Student Assembly serves as the premiere programming body on Howard University's campus. Started in 1973, UGSA has built a reputation of planning fun and creative events for students on campus which offers them multiple opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. Some of the most popular events are the monthly First Friday celebrations, Springfest, Student Choice Awards, and Bison Ball.

Student Trustees

Each year an undergraduate and graduate student are elected as student trustees for Howard University. As student trustees they are allowed to sit as an active member of the Howard University Board of Trustees and advocate for the concerns of the student body.

Want to be a student leader?

Student Elections are held twice every year.

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