Request Mental Health Outreach

Mental health help wherever students are.

At the University Counseling Service, the outreach team is dedicated to educating the university community in the prevention of mental health issues. 

Our typical activities include participation in the following:

New Student Orientation: Each year the interns and the outreach team present a creative, entertaining and informative programs about how to make a healthy transition from high school to college and how to recognize if additional assistance is needed.

Workshops are presented in classrooms, dormitories, student union, and other areas where students are. We address concerns related to stress, adjustment to the university, career choice and numerous other topics.

Primary Prevention Activities are simultaneously offered with other mental health centers across the nation during National Depression Screening Day and National Alcohol Screening Day.

Collaborative Services are offered when we join with other campus agencies for program presentations on various topics. Crisis Intervention Services, provided during times of tragedy. These services assist with restoring victims to pre-crisis equilibrium.

Notorious BBP (before break party) is a pre-spring break wellness fair. The purpose of this fair is to help our students to have a happy and healthy spring break by arming them with the necessary resources to make informed decisions during the break. Another purpose of the fair is to make students aware of wellness resources on campus and in the community. All of this takes place in an atmosphere filled with music, food and fun. Events like this help to remove the stigma of visiting a counseling service.

The members of the 2007 internship group helped the outreach supervisor to write a screenplay aimed at increasing awareness in students by decreasing mental health stigma. The film entitled, LOST & FOUND: A College Story was funded by a grant from SAMHSA and has been shown to hundreds of students and mental health professionals across the US.