Housing Accommodations Request

Housing Preferences 

Please note that requests for housing assignments or particular living arrangements based on a student's preference, including roommate changes and specific resident hall requests, should be directed to the Office of Residence Life Housing | Howard University Student Affairs. Housing accommodations are only valid for one academic year (August-May). Students are required to submit a request for accommodations each year. Students may need to provide updated supporting documentation as requested.  A separate, distraction-free living environment is not considered a reasonable accommodation request. The shared facilities, resources, and population of individuals do not necessarily provide a quieter or more distraction-free environment than a standard shared room.  


Requests For a Single Room 

Single-room accommodations are reserved only for individuals whose supporting documentation clearly illustrates a substantial need for disability-related access barriers.  

Please note that submission of supporting information does not guarantee a housing accommodation. For example, a request for a single room due to wanting a quiet place to study may not meet the eligibility criteria for a single room based on disability. Students who need to study in a quiet environment can access areas such as one of the libraries, study lounges, and other quiet study areas on campus. 

Here are some examples of conditions that ordinarily do not warrant a medical single: 



Learning disorders/ADHD

Insomnia and sleep problems 

Orthopedic problems



How to apply to be reviewed for housing accommodations:

  • Step 1:  All students requesting housing accommodations must first apply for housing through the Office of Residence Life. Housing | Howard University Student Affairs.  Students classified as upperclassmen during the semester for which the accommodation is requested must provide a housing assignment when applying. 
  • Step 2:  In addition to submitting the housing application, students who wish to request an accommodation based on a disability-related barrier to access must complete the application and interactive review process with the Office of Student Accessibility as depicted on the website. Requesting Accommodations | Howard University Student Affairs
    • ​Complete the Student Request for Accommodations Form
    • Complete the rights and responsibilities form. 
    • Provide supporting documentation according to the guidelines. 
    • Provide completed ESA policy forms (ESA request only).
  • Step 3: Complete a review meeting. 
  • Step 4: The information is reviewed, a decision is rendered, and the student is notified.