Housing Accommodations Request

Housing Preferences 

Please note that requests for housing assignments or particular living arrangements based on a student's preference, including roommate changes and specific resident hall requests, should be directed to the Office of Residence Life Housing | Howard University Student Affairs. Housing accommodations are only valid for one academic year (August-May). Students are required to submit a request for accommodations each year. Students may need to provide updated supporting documentation as requested.  A separate, distraction-free living environment is not considered a reasonable accommodation request. The shared facilities, resources, and population of individuals do not necessarily provide a quieter or more distraction-free environment than a standard shared room.  


How to apply to be reviewed for housing accommodations:

  • Step 1:  All students requesting housing accommodations must first apply for housing through the Office of Residence Life. Housing | Howard University Student Affairs .  Students classified as upperclassmen during the semester for which the accommodation is requested must provide a housing assignment when applying. 
  • Step 2:  In addition to submitting the housing application, students who wish to request an accommodation based on a disability-related barrier to access must complete the application and interactive review process with the Office of Student Accessibility as depicted on the website. Requesting Accommodations | Howard University Student Affairs
    • ​Complete the Student Request for Accommodations Form
    • Complete the rights and responsibilities form. 
    • Provide supporting documentation according to the guidelines. 
    • Provide completed ESA policy forms (ESA request only).
  • Step 3: Complete a review meeting. 
  • Step 4: The information is reviewed, a decision is rendered, and the student is notified.