Request a Room Change

Room Change for Safety Concerns

A resident in need of a room change due to safety concerns can submit the request directly to their Community Hall Director.

A legitimate safety concern should exist for this request to be approved.

Living standard conflicts that cannot be resolved by the resident will be addressed through mediation by the Resident Assistant (RA) or Community Director. This does not constitute a room change.

Room Change Approval and Acceptance

Room changes are granted solely upon availability. Residents will be contacted only if:

  • their room change has been approved and
  • there is an open room type available.

If a student receives an offer for a room change, they must make their decision based on the space available within 24 hours of contact.

Students who fail to respond within the 24-hour time frame will have their name removed from the wait list.

Students who contact University Housing within 24 hours will have three options:

  1. Accept the space offered.
  2. Cancel their Room Change request.
  3. Decline the current space and remain active but be placed at the end of the wait list.

If the resident accepts the space offered, they must change rooms within 48 hours after receiving approval. Failure to move during the designated time may revoke the approval, and an improper check-out fee will apply.

The Office of Residence Life does not guarantee that a room change request will be approved. Room changes will not be made based upon race, creed, color, sexuality or national origin. The Office of Residence Life and University Housing makes every attempt to accommodate resident needs, but does not give the resident the right to occupy a specific room or hall. Residents may be relocated at any time at the convenience of the Office of Residence Life and University Housing due to environmental issues, safety, room consolidations, and more.

Room Type Availability

Room assignments are made as rooms or beds become available. This process will begin after Labor Day and will continue throughout the fall and spring semesters.

The housing offer will be for one specific space. The Office of Residence Life cannot offer a range of choices and cannot accommodate roommate requests.

Students must make their decision based on the space available within 24 hours of contact.

Single Room Spaces

Submitting a request for a single room does not guarantee that you will receive a single room space.

We will do our best to accommodate changes and requests, but there is a high demand for the limited number of single rooms available.

If you submit a room change request for a single room and a single room space becomes available, you will be contacted via your Bison email. Offers will be delivered according to the order in which they were submitted via the Room Change Request Form.

The Room Change Request Form will open after Labor Day. If there are no single rooms available, you will not see the single room space option on the form.


Approved room changes will be assessed a change fee of $50 per move.

Students will also be charged for room rate increases if they move to a more expensive room. Students must understand the room change cost difference and affordability before accepting a room change.

Any student who makes a room change without approval from the Office of Residence Life and University Housing may be subject to disciplinary action, reassignment to their original room, and/or an illegal room change fee of $225. Failure to move to a requested and approved space within 48 hours of approval may result in an improper check-out fee.