Military & Veterans Services

New Location & Fall 2022 Update

Effective May 16, 2022, the Military & Veterans Services Office will be in the Harriet Tubman Quadrangle (The Quad) at 2455 4th Street NW. Please enter at the Lower Level doors facing 4th Street NW.

The Fall 2022 Certification Questionnaire will be available to complete July 1, 2022. This should be completed by all students seeking to use benefits during the Fall 2022 semester. You will be able to upload your COE (Certificate of Eligibility) in the questionnaire. 

Please welcome our new Veterans Affairs Coordinator, Megan Kennedy! Megan is an Army Veteran, and the dependent of two Navy Veterans. She came all the way from California to serve military-connected students at Howard!    


The Veterans Services Office provides support for veterans, active duty service members, reservists, and retirees, as well as qualified family members and dependents of veterans, in their educational goals.   

Acting as liaison between the US Department of Veterans Affairs and the University, we assist with the processing of Veteran Affairs forms for education benefits, advise on procedural requirements, and certify enrollments to the VA.

Military and Veteran Services is also dedicated to ensuring a supporting and inclusive campus for veterans and military-connected students and works to link students to resources and support offices within and outside of Howard University. 

Please click on subject below to learn more about the veteran and military-connected student experience, understand how the benefit certification process works, and find answers to frequently asked questions. 

Monday - Friday  | 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST

Harriet Tubman Quadrangle (Quad)

2455 4th Street NW
Lower Level
Washington, DC 20059


PH: 202-238-2422 

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Military and Veteran Services

Using Benefits at Howard University

1. Securing Your Benefits

Students who wish to use veteran educational benefits at Howard University must begin by applying for the benefits to which they are entitled.

The first step is to visit the VA website and apply for the appropriate benefit.  You can also seek help in this process by calling 888-442-4551.

Students should not indicate Howard University as their Institution of Higher Learning until they have been accepted. Once they have applied for benefits and been approved, students will receive what's called a Certificate of Eligibility. Students can also go to the VA website and see how many months of benefits they have used and how many remain. 


2. Applying for Benefits at Howard

Each semester that you choose to use your benefits, you must complete a benefits questionnaire. The questionnaire will ask you several questions and provide a place to upload your Certificate of Eligibility.

Helpful Hint: When completing the address portion off the questionnaire, you should use the address where you would like benefit related documentation to go.  many students choose to sue their permanent address if it is different from their student address.

Students can apply for benefits as early as six weeks before the beginning of a term.  Students must be registered for classes in an upcoming term before requesting to use their benefits. 


3. Certification Process

Howard University follows a two-step certification process (mandated by law). 

  1. Students will be certified before the beginning of the semester to ensure that the first payment is paid on time.  Early certification will also ensure that students receiving Chapter 33 benefits will receive their book money early and students using Chapter 31 will have access to their book voucher early. Students will receive a certification email once they are certified.
  2. After add/drop, students will be certified again to confirm their registered hours and to enter their tuition and fees (for Chapter 33 students).

All monthly stipends and Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) payments are sent directly to the student.  You can always call the VA to discover where the payments are going (some Chapter 35 and 33 payments will go to the sponsor by default).

Helpful Hint: Make sure there are no holds far before registration time to ensure you get the classes you need. The VA will only recognize classes that contribute to your academic degree. Also, Chapter 33 students must be enrolled in at least one hybrid or on-campus hour to receive full MHA.  Otherwise, they will only receive half the national average.


4. Reconciliation

After tuition and fees are paid to the University for Chapter 33 students, we will make sure that payments match what is expected.

All students will be closely monitored, and changes in enrollment will be reported to the VA. 

All outside scholarships that apply to only tuition and fees and Third Party payments must be reported if received after the add/drop date.

Certification Questionnaires

Each semester, students MUST complete a questionnaire asking to be certified. 

Fall 2022 Questionnaire will open July 1, 2022.




Certification for new students!

Please note that all students must be enrolled in classes to be certified and no student can be certified more than 60 days before beginning of the semester in question. If you are new to Howard, you will need to complete the questionnaire for the appropriate semester after you are enrolled in your classes. 

Once you complete the questionnaire, the Office of Student Services may reach out for additional information needed to process your claim. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we apply for benefits at Howard?

Using benefits at Howard is called certification. A questionnaire to ask for certification of benefits will be posted on this website prior to the end of the preceding semester. You should complete the questionnaire as soon as you are enrolled in classes. 


When will we receive stipend money for the semester?

Money will be distributed on first of the month following the first day of classes for all students enrolled. Chapter 33 students may receive a book stipend earlier than this. Please note that to ensure a timely disbursement of funds, students must submit the Certification Questionnaire for the semester for which they wish to be certified as soon as they are registered for classes. Certification can happen up to 120 days before the first day of class.

Students who are certified late in the semester may experience a delay in their benefits. 

After students receive their initial payment, the VA will distribute their stipends or Monthly Housing Allowance each month for the prior month (in arrears).


How do I request accommodations through Disability Services?

You can request accommodations by going to the website below:

Howard University Disability Services


What are the different benefits that can be used at Howard University?

Veterans and military-connected students can use a variety of different benefits.  While a detailed list of all benefits can be found on the VA's website, below are some of the most used benefits and some information about each one. 

Chapter 33

Chapter 33 beneficiaries receive a book stipend, a monthly housing allowance, and payment towards tuition and fees.

Chapter 35 

Chapter 35 beneficiaries receive a monthly stipend.

Chapter 1606

Chapter 1606 beneficiaries receive a monthly stipend.

Chapter 30

Chapter 30 beneficiaries receive a monthly stipend.

Chapter 31 

Chapter 31 beneficiaries can receive a book stipend, tuition and fee support, a monthly stipend, and other support based on their VRE counselor's recommendations.


What do I get paid each month?

The VA provides a list of rates on all benefits. You can access it here.

You can also learn more by using the Comparison Tool.


Where do I go if I need help?

For Howard University questions, you can email or call Megan Kennedy at (202) 238-2422. Megan encourages emails as she can access those anywhere! 

For VA questions concerning MHA (Monthly Housing Allowance) or stipends, you can call the VA Educational Benefits helpline at (888) 442-4551.

You can also answer many of your questions by going to the VA website, or using the new Ask VA tool online. 


What is a Certificate of Eligibility (COE)?

When a student informs the VA that they wish to use their benefits at Howard University, the VA provides a Certificate of Eligibility (COE).  This is necessary for Howard University to properly process your benefits.  All students receiving benefits must have a COE on file. Chapter 31 students must ensure that their VR&E counselor has sent a Purchase Order (PO) to Howard for Tuition & Fees as well as to the Howard Bookstore (Barnes & Noble) for books and supplies.

If you need a replacement Certificate of Eligibility, you can use one the new Ask VA tool online or call the VA Educational Benefits helpline at (888) 442-4551.


What is the Yellow Ribbon program and does Howard participate in it?

The Yellow Ribbon program is a program that helps pay tuition and fees that Howard University does not cover.  While Chapter 33 benefits will pay all tuition and fees for public schools, there is a cap for private schools.  Students are responsible for paying what Chapter 33 benefits does not. The Yellow Ribbon program is a program that schools can opt into that helps close that gap.  Schools can elect to pay a certain amount (and the VA will match that amount) or the school can split the entire cost left over with the VA.  You can learn more about the Yellow Ribbon program here.

While Howard University is currently enrolled in the Yellow Ribbon program, its support is limited to students enrolled in graduate certificates. We are working to change this. 


What happens if I drop a class after add/drop?

Notify us at as soon as you officially drop a class though BisonWeb or your advisor. The implications of dropping a class can vary based on your benefits. For all benefits, you should try to stay a full-time student.  For undergraduate programs, full-time status means taking at least 12 hours.  For graduate programs, full-time status means taking at least 9 hours.  If you drop below full time status, your benefits will change. 

If you add or drop after you have already started receiving benefits, you may owe the VA money, so think carefully before dropping a class. 

Here is some additional information on dropping classes, mitigating circumstances, and the 6-credit-hour exclusion.


Does Howard University accept Tuition Assistance?

Tuition Assistance is a way for active duty servicemembers and reservists to receive tuition support while enrolled in classes.  Howard is not currently eligible to accept Tuition Assistance, but the University is working on this for immediate eligibility.


I'm a veteran applying to go to Howard. Is there a special application process?

All prospective students use the same process for application regardless of veteran status.  You can find application instructions here. If you are interested in a particular program and wish to learn more about it, we recommend that you reach out to the Department Chair and request more information. 


What is Work Study?

There are two different types of work study programs available to veterans and military-connected students. 

  1. Federal Work Study is available through Howard University to all students who qualify. Qualification is based on your financial package and requires you to fill out a FAFSA.  Any position through this office will be posted on Handshake with all other positions. 
  2. VA Work Study is exclusively for veterans and military-connected students who receive Chapter 33, 35, 30, 1606, or 31.  More information can be found here. Howard is a VA Work Study site.

Employment/Research/Internship Opportunities

Several entities outside of Howard University reach out to engage with student veterans or share opportunities. In lieu of emailing each of these opportunities to all students, we put them on this announcement board.

  • Guggenheim Partners will be hosting its 10th annual Veterans Transition Assistance Program and I would like to make contact with your veteran community to ensure that any potential applicants are made aware of this great opportunity. The firm will run a paid 10-week summer internship across several business lines that will provide exposure and experience in the financial services industry. You can find a link to the application portal here: VTAP 2022. Due March 30, 2022.
  • CIBERVets creates an opportunity for veterans to transition to professional careers in International Business.
  • Military Voices Initiative at StoryCorp is looking for people to partner with. This initiative provides a platform for veterans, service members, and their families to preserve their stories at the Library of Congress. We like to call it a message in a bottle floating into the hearts of future generations.
  • The Veterans Curation Program (VCP) cares for Army Corps of Engineers at-risk archaeological collections while providing veterans with a bridge from military service into the public sector. To apply please visit:
  • A Call for Veterans: The VA needs your help to better understand Loneliness in Veterans and Suicide Prevention for Veterans; study participation is voluntary and compensation is available.
  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection is looking for veterans interested in internships and full time jobs:
  • Madison Barber and Jovan Hernandez at Metropolitan State University of Denver are conducting a research study on student veterans and their experiences with veteran discrimination, sense of belonging on campus, academic success, and overall mental well-being.  You can volunteer by clicking this link. 

Scholarship Opportunities

This section of the website is reserved for scholarships that veterans and military dependents may find useful.  If you learn of any that can be added, please email the to

  • The Folds of Honor Scholarship is open to any dependent or spouse whose service member has either fallen or has a combined service-connected disability rating through the VA.  This year's application closes on March 31, 2022. You can find more information here.

Additional information can be found by looking at these opportunities:

The following list contains several organizations which provide scholarships to veterans and military connected students.