Winter Recess

Residence halls close during winter break. The break provides an opportunity to take care of maintenance in the residence halls. It also allows live-in staff to have time with their families off-campus.

Students are not permitted to stay in the residence halls during winter break.

Please use the following information to help you prepare for the residence hall closings. 


Residence Halls close in mid-December.

EVERY student resident MUST complete the checkout process, whether or not they will return to the residence halls in the spring semester.

Checkout allows your Hall Manager/Graduate Assistant and RA to:

  • Find out if you will come back for spring;
  • Answer your questions about checkout (and move-out if you will not return);
  • Answer questions about returning in January;
  • Identify any maintenance issues or concerns that you are experiencing in your unit; and
  • Ensure that you have prepared your room/suite/apartment to be vacant for 3-4 weeks while students are on winter recess.

Office of Residence Life

Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

2205 4th Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20059

Returning to University Housing in the Spring

If you will return to University Housing...

Complete these 5 steps:

1: Register for spring semester classes by the Residence Life deadline.

If you are not registered, you must remove all of your personal belongings from your room by the given deadline.

2: Clear all balances and holds.

If you have a balance of more than $1,000, your spring housing assignment will be cancelled. You must remove all of your personal belongings from your room by the given deadline.

Review your student account to ensure that all of your expected financial aid has been applied to your  account. Contact financial aid immediately if your aid has not been applied. Students whose financial aid has not been applied due to delays in financial aid processing will receive special consideration upon verification from the Office of Financial Aid. Please notify your Hall Manager with proof of your special consideration.

Access Bison Web to ensure you do not have a medical or conduct hold. If you have a hold, you will need to follow up with Student Health Services or the Office of Student Conduct as necessary.

3: Attend your mandatory winter recess meeting.

Time/Date will be shared by your RAs.

4: Report and submit any work orders.

Complete a work order.

5: Complete the cleaning & closing check-list.

Return the completed form to your RA or the front desk before departure.

Leaving University Housing

If you will not return to University Housing...

We are sad to see you go but excited for your next steps!

Whether you are graduating in December, moving to off-campus housing, transferring to a different school, or otherwise withdrawing from the University, notify your Hall Manager that you will not return and follow the instructions below:

First, cancel your spring housing:

Submit a Housing Cancellation Form.

Next, prepare your space:

  1. Remove all trash, perishable food items from your room/suite and place in the appropriate dumpster designated for your hall.
  2. Complete the items on your Cleaning & Closing check-list provided to you at your floor meeting or available on the housing website.

Finally, check out with HU staffer:

  1. Schedule your check-out. Your Floor RA will have details on how to schedule a check-out with times available.
  2. At your scheduled time, the Housing team will evaluate the condition of your room. If there are any damages, the housing team will record them on your check-out form and assess damages as needed on your student account.

DO NOT leave without checking out with a HU representative.

Potential Charges

If you fail to follow proper closing procedures, or if damage is found in your unit or bedroom, charges may be applied to your student account. (This does not include normal wear and tear).

Some common charges include, but are not limited to:

  • Improper or Failure to Check-Out
  • Lost Key
  • Cleaning, Trash Removal
  • Damages
  • Late Check-Out

If you are charged any damages from closing, you must submit an appeal by the given deadline. No appeals will be considered after that time for any reasons.

Personal Items

If you WILL return for spring semester...

If you will return to your housing assignment in the spring, you do not need to move your belongings out.

But we do ask that you take anything of value like jewelry, rented books, important paperwork, medications, passports, other identification or other items you'll need over break.

If you WILL NOT return for spring semester...

If you will not return to the residence halls in the spring, you must remove all of your belongings. This includes:

  • Students who have not registered for spring classes by the residence life deadline.
  • Students who have a balance of $1,000 or more on their student account.
  • Students who will not return to University housing for other reasons.

Don't Get Canceled

If you plan to return to University housing in the upcoming spring semester, make sure you've satisfied all of the requirements below.

If you are not registered for the upcoming spring semester by the given deadline

- OR -

you have a student account balance of $1,000 or more, your spring housing assignment will be automatically canceled.