Summer Session II and Fall 2021 Housing FAQs

Will freshman and sophomores receive priority for housing? 

Yes. Our current housing policy prioritizes freshman and sophomores for on-campus housing.  


When can first and second-year students begin the housing application process?

First and second year students can begin the 2021-2022 housing application process here.


When are the Summer Session II move-in dates?  

We will conduct a staggered move-in schedule starting on June 14. The Office of Residence Life and University Housing will send out instructions regarding move in after students receive their room assignment.   


Do you have to live on campus to attend in person courses for Summer Session II?  



When are the Fall 2021 move-in dates? 

We will conduct a staggered move-in schedule starting on August 6. The Office of Residence Life and University will send out instructions regarding move in after students complete the move-in application.  


Must students be vaccinated in order to return to campus? 

Howard University students who reside on campus or come to campus for any reason are required to be fully vaccinated prior to their arrival on campus for the Fall semester. Learn more here


How many students will be housed on-campus for the Fall 2021 academic year?  

The Office of Residence Life and University Housing is preparing to welcome students back to campus at full housing capacity.    


What are the expectations of students on campus and in the community?  

Minimizing the risk of COVID-19 is a responsibility shared by all Howard University community members. We all must adhere to national and District public health guidelines and requirements, as well as any measures the University deems safe and appropriate for campus. To that end, we all must pledge to protect ourselves, others, and our community by, among other things, vigilantly adhering to The Bison Pledge


What is the visitation policy in residence halls? 

Initially, there will be no visitation (parents, family members, etc.) to observe safety and social distancing protocols within the residence halls. Visitation will be assessed on an ongoing basis (based on DC capacity and gathering requirements) and based on student compliance with visitation and safety protocols, environmental requirements and/or easement of limitations. Should changes in the visitation policies occur, appropriate notice will be sent to the community.  


What will be the protocol if someone tests positive in the residence halls?  

Students will be required to relocate to a quarantined area of the building until they receive a negative test result from the Student Health Center. 


Who should I contact should I need housing accommodations? 

Students needing housing accommodations should contact the Office of Student Services at  


How can I access the Office of Off-Campus Housing and Community Engagement?  

You can contact the Office of Off-Campus Housing and Community Engagement at To view off-campus housing listings, please visit  



With the entire Howard community’s well-being serving as our guiding principle and top priority, the University is working diligently to return more students to our campus this Fall. We understand that our campus community would like to receive information about the Fall 2021 opening as quickly as possible, and Howard University will continue to communicate additional details with the realization that the University’s plans must evolve and be flexible as the pandemic progresses and governmental guidance adapts. In this pandemic environment, all plans are subject to change. Please check back to this webpage frequently for additional FAQs and potential changes in information.