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Healing at Howard

Please register for the next session of Healing at Howard, which will be on February 27, 2020.

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What is Healing at Howard?

Healing at Howard is an opportunity to discuss thoughts, feelings, and perceptions regarding campus climate and University dynamics in an environment that is emotionally healthy.

At each session, chairs are arranged in a spiral and everyone is welcome to sit wherever they like. An external moderator facilitates conversation amongst upwards of 100 members of the University community. The session begins when the outside facilitator reads the ground rules and guidelines.


What can we talk about?

Anything you want. Any attendee can begin a discussion about any topic concerning the University. Healing at Howard is a safe space where members of the Howard University community can speak openly about their thoughts, feelings, and perceptions concerning the University. An attendee may bring up an issue they have noticed on campus, ask for clarity on a process, or suggest ways to improve the student experience.

There is no agenda, just an opportunity for each member of the Howard community to be heard. In the past, the group has addressed:

  • Ideas for more effective methods of communication to reach students;
  • Ways to improve accountability for students and employees;
  • Solutions to improve customer service;
  • Clarification on University processes and procedures;
  • Clarification on student rights;
  • and more.


Why do we have Healing at Howard?

Howard University is a community, and it is vital that we intentionally and actively work to resolve conflict in an interconnected way. We define our identities through the contributions of others in our community and who we are collectively. Ubuntu means: “I am what I am because of who we all are.” The word “Ubuntu” is derived from one of the Bantu dialects of Africa. It is the philosophy that we are all interconnected and interdependent, and our interrelatedness as a group is above that of the individual. The Howard University community is an example of the Ubuntu philosophy.

We hope that this event will produce engaging, therapeutic conversations that will help us build trust, understanding, and unity within our Howard family.


How can I participate in Healing at Howard?

All members of the Howard University community are encouraged to attend. Our opportunity to listen and engage with each other is far better when there is a diverse representation of the Howard community in attendance.

Once attending a session, we welcome you to join the planning committee in our planning and development of future Healing at Howard sessions and events.

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Our Mission

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