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Dear Roommate Podcast

Don’t know how to talk to your roommate about their snoring? Frustrated by feeling like you’re the only one that cleans your shared suite? Let’s talk about it!

Dear Roommate is a fun and informative new podcast about living with roommates in college. Howard students host each episode and help you make the most of your college experience. Listen in as the hosts read questions that you submit, share some stories of their own, and interview experts for the best advice.

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Have questions you want us to address on a future episode? Send it in! We do not share identifying information on the air, but feel free to keep it anonymous if you prefer.

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Aniyya Brooks, host of Dear Roommate Podcast at Howard University.

Aniyyah Brooks

Twitter: @itsjustaniyyah
Instagram: @itsaniyyah
Pronouns: she/her

I'm a Senior Business Management Major from East Orange, NJ. What excites me about working on this podcast is being able to help others find a common ground with their roommate and being able to give personal insight from an RA's perspective.


Samiya Covert, host of Dear Roommate Podcast at Howard University.

Samiya Covert

Twitter: @SLAYMIYA
Instagram: @slaymiya1
Pronouns: she/her

I am a sophomore Public Relations major from Prince George's County, Maryland. My friends call me Slaymia. I am excited to be on the podcast because I have so many roommate experiences that I believe will help people have better experiences with their roommates!
Justyce Falkenberg, host of Dear Roommate Podcast at Howard University.

Justyce Falkenberg

Twitter: @justyceaf
Instagram: @justyceaf
Pronouns: she/her

Hello. I am a freshman double-majoring in Biology and African American studies with a minor in Chemistry from Macon, Georgia. I am excited to work on this podcast because it’s going to help so many people, and I’m able to connect with the campus in a unique way!
Spencer Kelly, host of Dear Roommate Podcast at Howard University.

Spencer Kelly

Twitter: @theskellylife
Instagram: @theskellylife
Pronouns: he/him

I'm a first-semester senior, International Business major with a concentration in Latin America Studies. I am excited to hear different perspectives while on the podcast and I hope to bring some fun along the way.
Teyonce' Peyton, host of Dear Roommate Podcast at Howard University.

Teyonce’ Peyton

Twitter: @Teeeeeyonce
Instagram: @_lovevintage_
Pronouns: she/her

Hey, y’all! I’m a sophomore Political Science major, Classics minor from Houston, TX. I’m excited to work on the Dear Roommate podcast because I feel as though I’ll be able to help my fellow classmates with any issues they may be experiencing. I hope for the podcast to be a positive tool students can turn to when they need help.
Hadiya Presswood, host of Dear Roommate Podcast at Howard University.

Hadiya Presswood

Twitter: @DiMXGonGivIt2Ya
Instagram: @didi_rofl
Pronouns: she/her

I’m a sophomore Journalism major, Afro-American Studies minor from Charlotte, NC. I'm excited for Dear Roommate because it’s an opportunity to engage with Howard and the student body, to make the college experience more personal and fun. I get to learn about an alternative form of media and how to curate and deliver content.
Carrington Onyx York, host of Dear Podcast at Howard University.

Carrington “Onyx” York

Twitter: @finleafclover
Instagram: @finleafclover
Pronouns: she/her

I’m a freshman Journalism major from Chicago, IL. Dear Roommate excites me because students finally have a platform to voice their troubles. Not only can we uplift voices but we now have a safe space to build community around those troubles.
Carrington Onyx York, host of Dear Roommate Podcast at Howard University.

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