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Core Values

In addition to the values set forth in our vision, we value and are committed to:

Student Centered:   Students are central to our mission.  Through collaborative partnerships and comprehensive programs and services, we cultivate opportunities that promote lifelong learning, academic success, leadership and personal development.

Integrity:  We maintain open and transparent communication within the division, with students, faculty/staff and other constituents.  Integrity is exhibited when our actions are in alignment with our mission and values with honesty, respect, personal responsibility and fairness.

Service:  We are dedicated to serving students and the University community as we contribute to the mission, goals, and values of the University.  We value community and provide opportunities for students to be active and responsible members of the campus and global community.

Excellence:  We strive to provide high quality, value-added service and educational programs. 

Respect:  We treat each individual with high regard, appreciation and courtesy.  We honor the contributions of individuals, departments, tradition, theory and practice.

Inclusion:  We value the uniqueness of people, cultures and perspectives.  We encourage diversity by promoting respect and civility, providing accessible programming and services and cultivating a community that is inclusive.  This includes a focus on collaboration and partnerships.

Compassion:  We invest in concern for the welfare of others and humanity.

Responsiveness:   We anticipate and respond to meet the ever-changing needs of those we serve.

Our Mission

The Division Student Affairs supports the mission of the University by providing student-centered, high quality programs that promote an appreciation of diversity and foster a strong university community.


Address & Phone

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
2400 Sixth Street, Suite 201
Washington, DC 20059

Telephone: 202-806-2100 
Fax: 202-806-9302