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Voter Registration Information

" Vote all the time. Not just when it's cool." - President Barack Obama, Howard University 2016 Commencement 

The university encourages all students and employees, regardless of political affiliation, to participate in the electoral process and let your voices be heard.

This webpage contains information on how to register to vote in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and your home state, and it provides other useful information to help you navigate the voter registration process.


Howard University students are eligible to vote in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia or in their home state, if they meet certain criteria.  Please see the links below on how to register to vote.

Should I register to vote in my college community or in my hometown?

The law allows you to register to vote in either location, but NOT both! The decision about registering to vote in your hometown or your college town is legally yours to make. 

Some students decide to register to vote in their home state because they have a personal and invested interest in their respective districts and states.  Other students choose to register where they attend school because that is where they live most of the year and they want to influence decisions and elect candidates they feel will have a positive impact on their university community.

Regardless of your decision to register in Washington, DC or your home state, the most important thing is that you REGISTER and VOTE.

Registering to Vote in Your State

The United States Election Assistance Commission provides an interactive map and links to voter registration information in all states and U.S. territories.  Click here to register to vote in your home state. 

Additional Resources:

The United States Election Assistance Commission provides voters with additional resources, which include FAQs, tips, information on becoming a poll worker, and other useful information.  Click here to for additional resources.

Election News Sources:

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