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About SLA


The Office of Student Life and Activities (OSLA) strives to create a student-centered environment that supports the achievement of students' academic, professional and personal goals while promoting civility, respect, integrity and equity among members of the University and greater community.

The innovative programming designed by the talented staff of Student Life and Activities aims to foster professional experience through involvement with and/or in the following key areas: Student Publications; Student Government & Leadership; Student Activism & Service; Intercultural fellowship; Greek Life; School Spirit; University Ambassadorship; Special Events and Activities.


The vision of Student Life and Activities is to create a dynamic co-curricular environment that provides high quality, mission driven, values based programming that cultivates strong, prepared, innovative and confident leaders who embody the University’s rich legacy of civic engagement, school spirit, integrity and tradition.

Core Values

In addition to the values set forth in our vision, we value and are committed to:

  • Truth
  • Service
  • Equity
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Communication
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Mentorship

Our Mission

The Division Student Affairs supports the mission of the University by providing student-centered, high quality programs that promote an appreciation of diversity and foster a strong university community.


Address & Phone

Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
2400 Sixth Street, Suite 201
Washington, DC 20059

Telephone: 202-806-2100 
Fax: 202-806-9302