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Intramural Sports and Recreational Activities

Intramural and Recreation Overview

The Intramural and Recreation program provides leisure activities through play in organized and informal co-ed sports and special activities.

Intramurals provide an outlet to all members of the university faculty, staff, students, and alumni. The Intramural program offers a variety of sport leagues and tournaments in which to participate each semester. The program is structured to meet the diverse cultural population of the university.

Intramurals and Recreation provide Howard University students opportunities to participate in athletic activities while obtaining a higher education degree. Intramurals and Recreation also provide means of personal development, physical fitness, time management, and social development.

The program also serves as an avenue for students and staff to interact outside of the classroom, opening doors to meet and interact with people from different walks of life. Intramurals provide valuable life lessons such as teamwork, fitness, and stress management. At its core, Intramurals provides a fun and entertaining environment where many transferable skills, like teamwork and values, are nurtured and sharpened.

Sports Offered

We offer a variety of structured and recreational sports such as basketball, football, volleyball, dodgeball, soccer, and water polo. You can sign up to participate on IMLeagues.

Our Mission

The Division Student Affairs supports the mission of the University by providing student-centered, high quality programs that promote an appreciation of diversity and foster a strong university community.


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