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2019 Charter Day Dinner Essay Contest


Essay Submission Guidelines are the following:

  • Writers should select one prompt and submit an entry between 300-500 words.
  • Entries should be double spaced, in a  size 12 – legible font. Please indicate the prompt you’ve submitted under in the entry header. Only word documents or PDF’s can be submitted.
  • Submissions should only be made via the 2019 Charter Day Essay Contest Submission Form.
  • All eligible submissions should be in by or before 11:59:00 p.m. on Friday, February 22nd, 2019.
  • Contest winners will be notified by email that they have been awarded a ticket. All submitters should ensure they have access to their University- issued email address.
  • Information regarding ticket pick- up will be provided to the winners via email.
  • For questions, please email using the subject line: 2019 Charter Day Dinner Essay Contest.
    • Any submissions emailed to this address will not be considered an eligible submission. 


2019 Charter Day Dinner Essay Contest Prompts

Prompt 1: #ITooAmHU

  • Student leadership and campus engagement are important to the student and campus experience, and there are many students that are doing significant work in social justice, STEM, entrepreneurship, civic engagement and more, without the being appointed or elected to campus leadership positions. Tell us your story of truth, service, leadership, and excellence. 
    • We request that elected and appointed student leaders, those currently holding paid positions on student councils and those on the executive boards of student organizations not select this prompt. Student leaders intending to submit an entry to receive a Charter Day Dinner ticket should either of the prompts below. Entries submitted under this prompt may be used in the upcoming HU! You Know! University Newsletter series highlighting the diverse trajectories of the student body.


Prompt 2: Faculty Spotlight

  • Write a spotlight of a faculty member that has been transformative in your learning at Howard. What makes them so significant to you, and how do they contribute to the educational fortitude of the institution?
    • Writers should ensure the accuracy of biographical information, research areas and concentrations and awards of selected faculty. Writers can submit a picture of the faculty member, though it is not required.


Prompt 3: Detail your defining Howard moment.

  • Describe the circumstance and the experience that solidified your love for Howard, its people, and its legacy. Why did it have such a profound impact?
    • Use narrative techniques to put your reader into the experience to make them understand why this was a quintessential point in time for you and what final lessons or thoughts you took with you.


Submissions should only be made via the 2019 Charter Day Essay Contest Submission Form.

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